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BlowBurst™ - Rechargeable Portable Mini Neck Fan

BlowBurst™ - Rechargeable Portable Mini Neck Fan

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💦 Shoots up to 15m : Dominate from a distance!

🔋Rechargeable: Never run out of power!

🚀 High-speed shooting : Rapid-fire action!

🪣 Large water drum: Less refills, more fun!







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BlowBurst™ - Rechargeable Portable Mini Neck Fan

BlowBurst™ - Rechargeable Portable Mini Neck Fan

Regular price $29.95
Regular price $29.95 Sale price $59.95
SAVE 50% Sold out

I'm really happy with it! It was safely packed and a good quality product. I was happy with the performance and satisfied with the product's cooling power! Will most likely shop again! 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Wendy N. 
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Summer has it's hot and humid days, which can be tormenting and stressful. The heat makes it challenging to work, finish household responsibilities, or go out to complete other important tasks. The humidity can cause health concerns like heatstroke and dehydration, which can be traumatizing to experience.

The BlowBurst features a burst of cool and balanced air delivery to the neck and head. Simply wearing the BlowBurst™ around the neck will provide extra cooling and increase productivity despite the humidity of the day. Experience the convenience and satisfaction of cooling down while on-the-go.



✅️ EXTENSIVE OPERATING TIME: Enjoy long-lasting battery life that lasts up to 6 hours of continuous use. It is the perfect gadget for maintaining good body temperature during the hottest periods of the day. 
    ✅️ ELITE LEVELS OF COOLING: The BlowBurst™ has three Optional Levels to beat the heat and prevent heatstroke. This nifty device helps control and monitor health condition to live a healthier lifestyle.

      ✅️ EASY TO USE: Simply setup on the neck, choose which level provides sufficient cooling, and the BlowBurst™ is ready to go. This productive setup improves efficiency working outside, despite the day being hot and humid.

        ✅️ QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: With a Concealed turbo design, the BlowBurst™ prevents hair from getting caught. The design was made to be safe and practical for anyone to use.

          ✅️ STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL: With multiple color options and sleek design, the BlowBurst™ adds a stylish and fashionable look. Feel confident and great while getting a burst of fresh air.

            We understand the challenge of working or simply being in the heat for extensive periods of time. It is frustrating and unproductive when travelling on-the-go and getting tired more frequently because of the heat. A recent study showed just being exposed to the outdoor heat and humidity for fifteen minutes results in decreased cognitive performance, or the ability to think or remember things. 

            With the BlowBurst, feel relaxed and at ease while receiving proper cooling on-the-go. The BlowBurst™ doesn't just provide excellent cooling capabilities, but more importantly, ensures a healthy and productive lifestyle. Enjoy the comfort and feeling of satisfaction from completing tasks in an healthy and efficient way, while receiving sufficient cooling.


            Weight L: about 250g
            Battery capacity: 1200 mAh-2000mAh
            Endurance: 2-3h
            Charging: 1-2h



            (1) x BlowBurst™ Mini Neck Fan
            (1) x USB Data Cable

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